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Snow day!


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It Was My Birthday!!

I am now 25, not old. At this age I thought I would have it all figured out and that I would have traveled the world. Well I am constantly remembered that I know nothing and that figuring things out is the fun part. For the first time in my life I have left the USA and gone somewhere. For my birthday all I wanted was to see the Opéra and I did. It was in Italian and the music was amazing, it pulled on my heart strings but I’m a boss so no crying. 😁

Today Paris didn’t suck and I enjoyed the streets for a while. Since my grandma runs the family and she wanted pastries shipped to her, I wanted 6 miles to find her some treats to ship.  Once I found a place they told me no that they only ship inside of Paris, which I understand. So I keep looking for a place, where I find a mall. This mall is three blocks long and eight stories tall with a basement level. The chocolates are in the 7th floor while the wine is on the 8th. I can’t describe how excited I was to be there. So let me just show you the view.



Day One of Paris

I feel that Paris is not for me but for someone who likes New York.

Although it is a lovely place, I feel that I became attached to Barcelona and the way the weather was. Today is my birthday and it is cold and raining. I have been asked five times if my hair was done then given the most disgusted look. I started to act like Solange, don’t touch my hair!

I was told that any meal without wine was breakfast, so I haven’t had breakfast in a couple days. Mostly because wine is the same price as water, and why be charged twice. While I ate my meal I look for an opera to go to, the choices are slim but reasonably priced. Now if I can only figure out how to buy a ticket I will be set.