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Take Off!

I thought today would be a happy day, because there’s no turning back now but I’m nervous and the day started off different than I had hoped. Before leaving I checked and rechecked everything then headed downstairs but I still feel like I left something behind. What am I forgetting? Passport, check.  Wallet, check. Camera, check. School books, unfortunately, check. What was missing? I thought about the classes I would be missing out on while on this trip, but those thoughts were quickly overpowered by my excitement. Today’s new place was Vegas. The drive to the airport was filled with music and thankfully the driver asked little questions. It was of course 4 in the morning so he probably just wanted to enjoy the drive.

When I made it to the airport there’s a line of people all waiting to get situated. So, I pick a corner, make a spot for myself and call my mother. Why is it that when times are hard or we need a little push, we go back to our parents? Almost as if we are saying, you brought me into this world, now fix my mess. I sat in a corner for 2 hours before they let us check in. I had forgotten how shitty the airport was, which is my fault if I had remembered I would have grabbed some McDs on the way here. Waiting for the plane was the hardest part, I wanted to walk around but the flight attendants kept changing their minds. One moment they are ready the next they’re not. I tried getting up to leave 4 times before giving up, mentally telling McDs I’m sorry and sitting back down.

Once we were all boarded, the flight attendants gave us the rundown while I started to nod off. Not hearing us take off, I jump awake as we hit turbulence. The girl next to me pats me on the shoulder and goes back to watching her show as I lean back and fade back into sleep. I don’t know what happened but I used to love flying as a kid. Did I grow up or did the flight change? Hmm, I guess I’ll never know. As I fade I finally remember, I forgot to say goodbye to everyone.  EFFC78F9-BBF6-4550-A369-D53E6565DCAD


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