As I sit at this stop light, I notice that I’ve missed my turn but who cares the job will be there tomorrow. I keep going, straight to the airport, but I don’t leave the car. I sit and watch the planes take off. Where were they going, and why wasn’t I going with them? The hours I spent wishing that it was me on my way out but no I had a job and responsibilities that kept me chained to a desk. After hours of watching them take off, I kill the car and head inside, I want to see their destination, my future destination.   

All that time watching and waiting, telling myself that I can’t go yet and that the time isn’t right.  I’ve missed out on my best friend’s wedding because the job wouldn’t let me off and I accepted that this was my life. When work wasn’t the issue anymore, school kept me chained to the area. Well not anymore, Life is too short and I can’t watch it go by any longer. I have started my plans to travel now it’s time to fly. Live Free and Wild because they can’t cage this Goddess.   

                                                        Live life, be free-spirited and stay happy. Athena 😊